About the project

Once the WW1 research phase had been completed the children in Year 4 started their social history project. They were going to find out all about Heigham and how it had changed over the last 100 years.  The first thing they did was study old maps of the local area to see how it had changed physically since the early years of the 20th Century.  They visited St Barnabas Church again to explore its history and its contribution to life in Heigham.   They visited the Bridewell Museumin the city to find out about Norwich in the pre-war era, and Gressenhall to learn out about life in the workhouse.  They also enjoyed a day of hands-on activities during the Victorian Day in June.  Neil Storey also visited one last time and told the children stories about life in Heigham 100 years ago. Once they had gathered all this information the children prepared a fictional pre-war biography.  They worked independently to draft and edit the work before writing out and illustrating a final draft.  Pdfs of their work are below.  Hover over the image to see the name of its author. Alternatively use the ‘quick links’ at the bottom of the page if you know whose work you want to look at first.  Enjoy.

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