Our Lads – the Heroes of Heigham

This database lists alphabetically each of the names found on the Roll of Honour situated in St Barnabas Church, Russell Street, Norwich. These are the young men from our local community who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War 1.  Click on the name you are interested in to find out more.   If you want to sort the names by year enter the year you require into the Search box below.

NameRankRegiment & BattalionYear of Death
Alden, CalebBombardier1st East Anglian Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1917
Ali, Alfred Ernest WilliamCorporal1st Battalion, Essex Regiment1917
Anderson, Ernest WilliamLance Corporal9th Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps1915
Arnold, EdwardSerjeant11th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment1916
Austin, JamesPrivate101st Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps1917
Austin, RobertLance Corporal11th Battlion, Royal Sussex Regiment1917
Baldwin, HaroldPrivate1st Battalion, Suffolk Regiment1915
Balls, GeorgeSerjeant8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Barnes, WalterPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Barton, William RobertPrivateMechanical Transport, Army Service Corps1915
Batch, Herbert ErnestPrivate4th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion1916
Bearman, ErnestPrivate2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Betts, FrederickPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1914
Bird, John WilliamPrivate16th Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers1918
Blackburn, Herbert GeorgePrivate1st Battalion, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry1915
Blythe, William GeorgePrivate1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment1917
Brazell, George HenrySerjeant2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Browne, FrankCompany Serjeant Major1st Battalion, Essex Regiment1916
Browne, Herbert FrancisPrivate1/4th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment1917
Browne, Horace ErnestPrivate8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Buckingham, George WilliamAble SeamanHawke Battalion, Royal Navy, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve1917
Bullock, Henry ‘Harry’ WilliamPrivate10th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry1917
Burrell, WilliamPrivate"B" Company, 1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Bush, RobertPrivate7th Battalion, East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)1917
Bushell, Henry ‘Harry’Private7th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment1918
Butler, Frederick BertieCorporalWest Yorkshire Regiment1917
Buxton, Walter WilliamPrivate13th Battalion, Essex Regiment1917
Bye, RobertPrivate4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Carey, Bertram Alfred ‘Bertie’Private9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Chambers, Herbert HenryPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Claxton, ArthurPrivate2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Clayton, Albert ArthurPrivate1st/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusilers1917
Coan, Claude RichardCompany Serjeant Major8th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment1916
Cogman, Albert RobertLance Sergeant8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Collins, Arthur EdwardPrivate2/2nd Battalion, London Regiment (formerly Royal Fusiliers)1918
Cooke, Louis FisherPrivate16th Battalion, Manchester Regiment1918
Copland, Arthur WilliamPrivate42nd Division, Supply Col, Army Service Corps1917
Cornish, Albert Bertie PercyPrivate10th Battalion, Essex Regiment1917
Cossey, HerbertSapper3rd Field Company, Canadian Engineers1915
Cozens, Alfred HenryPrivate11th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment1916
Cubitt, Bertram TheodorePrivate2nd Battalian, Norfolk Regiment1915
Cullingford, FrankLance Corporal1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment1918
Cushing, WilliamPrivate3rd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1918
Daynes, Samuel CubittPrivate9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Debbage, Thomas WilliamPrivate8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Dennis, James WilliamPrivate8th Labour Company, Royal Army Service Corps1919
Dickerson, RobertPrivate11th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers1918
Drake, George EdwardPrivate19th (Queen' Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars1917
Drake, HoraceDriverMechanical Transport, Army Service Corps1917
Dunn, ThomasLance Corporal2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys)1914
Dye, Herbert ErnestPrivate"D" Coy. 1st/3rd Battalion, London Regiment (Royal Fusilers)1918
Earley, Bertie JamesDriverNo 4 Company, 54th East Anglian Division Ammunition Train, Army Service Corps.1917
Edwards, Fredrick BenjaminPrivate1st / 4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Ellwood, WalterSerjeant9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1918
Ely, AlexanderPrivate1st/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Farrow, Alfred JohnPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1914
Fincham, Walter WilliamLance Corporal9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Firman, James Lewis HenryPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1914
Foyster, Thomas AndrewPrivate1st/5th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Frost, Arthur GeorgeSapper208th Field Company, Royal Engineers1916
Frost, William ArthurPrivate1st Garrison Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment1917
Furze, Henry CharlesLance CorporalAuckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.1915
Gilbert, Archibald HenryLance Corporal9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Goddard, Percy WilliamPrivate7th Battalion., Royal Sussex Regiment1916
Goffin, Frederick JamesPrivate12th (Norfolk Yeomanry) Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1918
Goffin, William APrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Goodall, FrankCorporal19th Battalion, Royal Defence Corps.1918
Goulder, Henry ‘Harry’Private1st Battalion, Essex Regiment1917
Greaves, JamesPrivate2nd/6th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment.1918
Green, George JohnPrivate7th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Hague, Ernest EdwardPrivate1st/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Hague, George Frederick CharlesGunner7th Indian Division, Ammunition Col.1918
Hall, Edward CharlesPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Hall, WilliamPrivate1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment1917
Hamilton, George SidneyAble SeamanH.M. Submarine C.25., Royal Navy1918
Hammond, AlbertPrivate9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Hammond, GeorgePrivate2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Hammond, Oscar HerbertPrivate9th Battalion, Essex Regiment1918
Hansell, Arthur BertieLance Corporal"D" Company 8th (Service) Battalion, North Staffordshire Regiment1918
Hardingham, GeorgeCorporal"D" Company, 8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Harvey, HerbertPrivate8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Hatton, Daniel GeorgePrivate4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Herring, Bertie ArthurSapper204th Field Company, Royal Engineers1918
Hill, Philip AlbertPrivate60th Battalion, Australian Infantry, Australian Imperial Forces1918
Humphrey, Ernest CareyCompany Serjeant Major13th Battalion, Rifle Brigade1917
Hutson, JamesPrivate2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment1918
Impson, Harry FrankPrivate4th Battalion, The Norfolk Regiment1917
Ives, Ernest WalterPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Kelf, StanleyCorporal6th Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment1918
Kett, FrederickPrivate9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Kirkham, Albert GeorgePrivateDepot, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)1919
Knights, Albert ErnestPrivate22nd (Tyneside Scottish) Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers1917
Labrooke, William RobertPrivate3rd Company 2nd Division, Train, Army Service Corps
Ladbrooke, William RobertPrivate3rd company, 2nd Division, Train, Army Service Corps1916
Leeder, Charles AlfredPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Leeder, William CharlesPrivate2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Lightening, Frank WilliamLance Corporal12th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1918
Lincoln, Frederick JamesPrivateThe Queens's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)1917
Littleboy, EdwardPrivate12th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)1916
Livock, HarryPrivate8th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment1917
Loynes, WilliamPrivate7th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
lves, Ernest WalterPrivate1st Battalion , Norfolk Regiment
Lyst, Arthur AlbertPrivate1st/5th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Mace, Albert ClaudPrivate2nd Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment1917
Mann, Arthur EdwardPrivate7th Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment1916
Marcon, Thomas JamesPrivate1st Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment1915
Marrision, Charles RobertPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment
Marrison, Charles RobertPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1918
Marrison, HerbertPrivate1st/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Marrison, Percy GuyActing Bombardier"A" Battery. 106th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1917
McCleskey, RobertPrivate10th Battalion, Essex Regiment1917
Meachen, Frank GeorgePrivate7th Battalion, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)1917
Middleton, Henry WilliamPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1914
Miles, Harry RichardLance Corporal10th Battalion, Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)1918
Moore, BenjaminDriver7th (Indian) Division Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery1918
Moore, CharlesPrivate8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Moore, JohnPrivate2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Moore, WilliamPrivate1st/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Mortimer, Russell GeorgePrivate8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Mower, Percy William ElvesSapper22nd Light Railway Operating Company, Royal Engineers1917
Naven, George CharlesPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Nelson, GeorgePrivate3rd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Nichols, Charles EphraimPrivate(City of London) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers1918
Nichols, Harry WilliamPrivate1st Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment1916
Ong, WilliamPetty Officer StokerH.M.S. "Derwent", Royal Navy1917
Orvice, Ernest LesliePrivate2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Osborne, FrederickRifleman1st/21st Battalion, London Regiment (First Surrey Rifles)1918
Osborne, Robert CharlesPrivate8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Othen, HarryPrivate4th Battalion, Canadian Infantry1915
Page, Fredrick AlbertPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1914
Page, HenryPrivate1st Garrison Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)1917
Parnell, Charles SydneyPrivate7th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Parsons, Ernest FrankPrivate"A" Company, 5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers1917
Payne, Robert RichesPrivate8th Battalion. Royal Fusiliers1916
Peacock, ArthurRifleman16th Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps1918
Pepper, CecilRifleman16th Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps1916
Perfect, Arthur GordonPrivate2nd Battalion, Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)1914
Pitcher, Walter EdwardPrivate1st/9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry1917
Pratt, AlbertPrivate9th Battalion, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1918
Pyle, James WilliamPrivate1st Royal Marine Battalion, Royal Navy Division, Royal Marine Light Infantry1917
Ramsbottom, George ArthurPrivate16 Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment (Formerly Norfolk Regiment)1918
Reeve, Arthur John CleaveringPrivate1st/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Reynolds, Robert WilliamBombardier378th Battery, 169th Brigade, Royal field Artillery1918
Riches, Charles LaccoheeLance Corporal8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Riches, William Thomas LaccoheePrivate9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1918
Ross, James ArthurLance Corporal12th (Norfolk Yeomanry) Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Rudd, Arthur WPrivate1st/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Rudd, George WilliamPrivate1st/5th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Rudd, S.H.SapperRoyal Engineers1917
Scott, Burton AmbroseStoker 2nd ClassH.M.S. "Kale", Royal Navy1918
Scott, William HenryPrivate1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment.1918
Scotter, Walter CharlesPrivate"A" Company, 1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1915
Scottow, GeorgeCompany Serjeant Major7th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Scottow, John WilliamGunner355th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.1918
Shreeve, AlfredPrivate2nd Battlion, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own)1918
Shreeve, GeorgeLance Corporal2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Smith, Arthur AlbertPrivate9th Battalion, Essex Regiment1918
Smith, F. R.Lance Corporal7th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Smith, Frederick WilliamSerjeant8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Smith, Joseph ClabburnPrivate7th Battalion, London Regiment1918
Smith, William HerbertLance Corporal1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment1917
Sprunt, Alexander MitchellPrivate1st (Royal) Dragoons1918
Steward, Walter JosephCorporal8th Battalion, Border Regiment1916
Stone, WilliamPrivate5th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment1917
Storey, BertieDriver48th Bty. 24th Bde., Australian Field Artillery1916
Strangward, HerbertPrivate1st Battalion, Essex Regiment1916
Syder, Percy GeorgePrivate"B" Company, 1st Battalion, Canadian Infantry1916
Thompson, LesliePrivate30th Company, Machine Gun Corps1918
Thorn, Ernest ArthurPrivate26th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers1918
Thrower, Robert ArthurPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Thurston, Herbert JamesPrivate1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Thurston, WilliamPrivate7th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1916
Till, Walter JohnPrivate1/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1919
Tubby, ThomasSerjeant"A" Company, 8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Turner, Lancelot ErnestPrivate9th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers1915
Tyrrell, EdwardPrivate1st Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment (formerly a member of the 6th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment)1916
Vines, Henry ‘Harry’Private1st Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers1914
Watering, Frederick CharlesSerjeant12th Battalion, Royal Scots1916
Watering, William ErnestCompany Serjeant Major2nd Battalion, Royal Scots1914
Waters, William HenryBattery Quartermaster Serjeant61st Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery1918
Wells, S.GunnerRoyal Field Artillery1917
Wells, W. B.PrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps1918
Whittaker, Charles SidneyPrivateChatham Division, Royal Marines Light Infantry1914
Williment, Alfred ErnestPrivate1st/5th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1917
Willimott, ArthurPrivate7th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment
Willimott, Henry MatthewGunner25th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery1917
Wilsea, John EdwardPrivate8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1918
Winter, Harry BertiePrivate1st/5th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment1917
Wiseman, George AlfredPrivate3rd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment1919
Wodehouse, Albert EdwardPrivate10 Battalion, Royal Fusiliers1918
Wodehouse, AlfredPrivate2nd East Anglian Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps1918
Woods, George RobertCorporal1st/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers1917
Wright, George HoracePrivate8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment1918
Youells, George WilliamPrivate4th Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)1918