Tuesday 20th June – Year 5 visit Gressenhall and Dreamy Hollows

Today it was the turn of Yr 5 to take the trip back 100 years in time to experience life in the workhouse at Gressenhall.  They learned all about how people of all ages ended up in a workhouse; what they needed to get through the door; and what life was life once you were in there. They also experienced a school lesson from 100 years ago.  Rote learning of Geography and History; maths on an abacus; respect for ones elders and betters, and the importance of good personal hygiene!  After a quick lesson out on the lawn reflecting on what they had learned and, we boarded the coaches to take us on to Dreamy Hollows where we took a tour around an original 1915 training trench and experienced life on the front line, including a simulated gas attack!  The day ended with a moment of silent remembrance for all those who fell in the Great War and the wars that have followed.  A wonderful day, full of powerful learning, poignant moments and thought provoking stories from the past.